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Burano:  Quick Facts and Demographics

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Burano:  Famous Features and People

  • May be named after the Buriana family -- one story of the founders of Burano.  Another story of its name -- Burano  means Porta Boreana, or northern door. Notice the similarity to our northern [aurora] borealis!
  • Fishing & farming, originally
  • Brightly colored homes to delineate properties; painted in systematic colors; painting or repainting must be approved by the government.
  • Vaporetto (boat taxi) is the main mode of transportation between islands.
  • Acqua Alta (high water) & Sirocco (storm winds from North Africa) also affect Murano, but not as severely as Venice.
  • Lace and embroidery brought new industry and economic boost to Burano.
  • Museo del Merlotto (Lace Museum)
  • Home of Baldassarre Galuppi, famous musician.
  • Square built and named after Galuppi.  Removed old mill, filled in canal (reducing Burano's islands from 5 to 4). Galuppi square is the economic hub
    of lace and tourism.
  • St. Albano's arm (must read about this story -- worth the effort!)

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Burano Images
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burano lace
Burano lace
Burano at
                              its best, man and dog on bridge
Burano at its best, man and dog on bridge
Burano homes and boats
Burano parking lot
fish with tomato in mouth
Burano flower shop
store front
Burano glass blower
Burano glass blower
Burano parking and passenger
                              boarding station
Burano passenger boarding station
Burano Canal
Burano Canal
Burano Homes
Burano housing and parking lot


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