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Murano:  Quick Facts and Demographics
  • Founded: Between fifth and seventh centuries, but experienced major growth after 1290 when Venice officials required the glass factories to move to Murano (because of fire hazards).
  • Purpose: Originally small fishing communities, similar to Burano; after 1290, grew due to glass factory relocations.
  • Elevation: Sea level (less affected by sinking of city and rising sea levels and tides).
  • Size  1,134 (acres)
  • Population: just under 7000 at last census

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Murano:  Famous Features and People

  • Glass factories, Glass blowing, Glass sculptures, Glass beads... and so much more.
  • Glass making has official government protection.
    Murano island and citizens were "granted many civic privileges" because of being forced to move the glass ovens from Venice to Murano.
  • Museo Vetario (Glass Museum) with displays of glass art from early Egyptians to modern-day Murano.
  • Often referred to as a mini-Venice.
  • Has its own Grand Canal.
  • Vaporetto (boat taxi) is the main mode of transportation between islands.
  • Acqua Alta (high water) & Sirocco (storm winds from North Africa) also affect Murano, but not as severely as Venice.
  • Unlike Venice, Murano is very quiet at night. It is not considered to have a "night life." (personal experience). Murano "always feels like an early closing day."
  • Home of Fra Mauro, famous cartographer, who made maps used in European exploration of the World

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Murano Images!
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glass sculpture
Blue glass sculpture
murano parking lot
Murano parking lot
boat vegetable stand
Boat-side vegetable stand
murano home
Murano home
dimensions in boat dock
lighthouse wifi spot
Lighthouse WiFi Spot
Murano Bird Sculpture
Murano Glass Birds Sculpture
Murano Late Bloomers
Murano Glass
Late Bloomers
Murano Grand Canal
Murano's Grand Canal


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